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Developing Affordable/Accessible Community-based Housing webinar:

Accessible Housing webinar. Here is the link to the archived webinar:

SPIL Reporting Survey training webinar. Here is the link to the archived webinar:


Annual Statewide Needs Assessment

This survey will close on Sept. 30, 2022.  Distribution, collection, and entering of surveys is up to each CIL.  While there is no requirement for the number of participants in this survey, it is encouraged that your CIL garner as many responses as necessary to determine to needs in your community.

MOSILC SPIL Activities

  1. Measures activities a CIL has completed toward the SPIL Goals.
  2. Due quarterly 30 days after the QSR is due to VR.

Annual IL Outcomes 2022

  1. The survey will close on Nov. 15th, 2022.
  2. Each center is expected to survey at least 20% of participants in FY22.
  3. The survey is the same as in previous years.
  4. An instruction sheet is attached


IL Outcomes 2016 (pdf)
IL Outcomes 2015
IL Outcomes 2014
IL Outcomes 2013 (pdf)
IL Outcomes 2012 (pdf)
IL Outcomes 2011 (pdf)
IL Outcomes 2010 (pdf)
IL Outcomes 2009 (pdf)
IL Outcomes 2006-2008 (pdf)
IL Outcomes 2005-2007 (pdf)

704 Report (pdf)

Vocational Rehabilitation Annual Report (pdf)


Transition Toolkit (pdf)

Recruiting Press Release (September 2015)

SILC Member Recruiting PSA



Gary Moll Memorial Scholarship Information 2016

Gary Moll Memorial Scholarship Application Form 2016

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